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Digital SLR cameras and high end compacts have seen a remarkable transition and now include high definition HD video filming capability as standard. Initial interest has grown rapidly with a wide awareness of the many applications of video for work and leisure....

Course approach

The beginners DSLR Video Course training provides a solid grounding and practical introduction enabling photographers & new users to shoot high quality film-like cinematic video both confidently and while achieving the best from their hd video capable cameras. Don’t underestimate the value that a video-enabled DSLR can bring to your business or leisure interests. Also covered - how to record high quality sound (important) to match your video requirements..........

Topics covered on the 1-Day Beginners HD Video DSLR Course...






5 July ‘19  Full  


Next date:  2019 including 1 to 1 options: contact


Location - Newbury, Berkshire


Price £185 per person


Attendees are welcome to bring their own source material for editing or case studies

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Course Suitability


This course and training is suitable for….


   or advanced compact camera





*For a more detailed course on editing your DSLR footage, see our  Adobe Premiere Elements™ Course page

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The Video DSLR Course is suitable for all DSLRs, 4/3 system cameras, advanced compacts & camcorders from canon, nikon, sony, pentax, panasonic, lumix. Course training is ideal for beginners/improvers. Located in Newbury, Berkshire, we are within 50mins by car/ train from London,covering Surrey,Hampshire,Oxford,Middlesex, Bucks,Essex,Herts,Kent,Dorset,Somerset,Devon,Wales,Bristol,Southampton.e.g.Canon 5d,60d,70d,80d,6d,7d,600d,650d,700d,Nikon d7100,7500,3200,3300,800,Lumix

Learn to use and shoot HD Video on your DSLR Camera or high end compact camera
Beginners HD Video DSLR Course

Examples DSLR video uses




   and larger businesses




Date: 5 July ‘19  full

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